Application & Admission

A Two-Stage Process

Summary of the Two-Stage Process

In accordance with international and Mauritian rules and regulations for organisations like the AHP, the application and admission process consists of two stages. In order for an organization (prospective member) to become a member of the AHP, an organization must be eligible to become an AHP member (1st Stage of the Process) and a legally required background check of the prospective member must be successfully completed (2nd Stage of the Process).

The AHP does not accept individuals as members. Only organisations can join the AHP.

The two stages are shown next:

1st Stage – Application for Membership and Initial Assessment of Eligibility

1.1 Application for Membership

The prospective member submits this application form

1.2 Initial Assessment of Application 

The AHP conducts an initial assessment of the application and eligibility of the prospective member

2nd Stage – Background Checks and Admission as Member to the AHP

2.1. Background Check

After the prospective member’s application has passed the initial assessment two types of background checks are conducted:

– Due Diligence Checks of the prospective member

– Checks of Sources of Funds/Wealth

2.2. Admission

After the successful background check the prospective member becomes a member of the AHP

1st Stage of the Process

Application and Initial Assessment

Application, Guarantee Letter and Initial Assessment

1. Application Form and Guarantee Letter

The prospective member, i.e. the applicant, sends the completed and signed Application Form and Guarantee Letter by email to: 

The Application Form and Guarantee Letter can be downloaded HERE.

2. Short Bio of the Organisation

The prospective member is asked to include with the membership application a short bio of the organsiation, with details of the organisation’s activities (e.g. locations, type of activities, revenues, etc.) and how hydrogen fits into its strategy and plans.

3. Initial Assessment of the Application

The AHP assesses if the organisation applying for membership is eligible for becoming an AHP member. There are two possible results of the initial assessment:

A) Positive Result of the Initial Assessment:

If the organisation is eligible, the process will move to the next stage, i.e. the 2nd Stage. The AHP will inform the prospective member accordingly.

B) Negative Result of the Initial Assessment:

If the organisation is not eligible, the AHP Secretary General will inform the applicant and the AHP Board accordingly. The AHP General Assembly will decide on the rejection of the organisation’s application upon a proposal of the Board.

2nd Stage of the Process

Regulatory Requirements

Regulatory Requirements and Broader Context of the Background Checks

The AHP does not accept individuals as members. Only organisations can join the AHP.

The AHP is a diverse, international and democratic African organization governed by its members. In order to form the strongest possible international alliance for utilizing Africa’s hydrogen potential and creating green wealth, organizations from anywhere in the world are welcome to join the AHP. Since the AHP is governed by its members and administered by its bodies of elected representatives, only organizations in good standing can join the AHP and a background check is required to avoid risks and to ensure that the highest standards are met.

In accordance with the requirements of current anti-money laundering, proceeds of crime and counter terrorism financing legislation, the AHP is required to establish and record evidence of the identity and source of funds for all of the AHP’s prospective members before they can become Members of the AHP.

After a prospective member’s application for becoming a member of the AHP has passed the initial assessment of the 1st Stage of the process, Accuvise Administrators Limited, the AHP’s Registered Agent [the Management Company (MC)] in Mauritius, will let the prospective member know if additional documentation is needed.

The background checks are externally done by the Compliance Department of Accuvise Administrators Limited in Mauritius in order to comply with regulations and to avoid any breach of confidentiality, i.e. sensitive information of the prospective member will not be shared within the AHP.

The contact details of the AHP’s MC are shown next:

Registered Agent of the African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP)

Accuvise Administrators Limited
7A Mayer Street, Port Louis

Email address:
Telephone: (+230) 260 2644
Fax: (+230) 214 9105


2nd Stage of the Process

Process Step

Due Diligence Checks and Declaration of Sources of Funds/Wealth

The steps associated with Due Diligence Checks, incl. Sources of Funds/Wealth and admission process are described next:

  1. Accuvise Administrators Limited, the Registered Agent of the AHP [the AHP’s Management Company (MC)], will let the Prospective Member know if additional documentation is needed.
  2. If additional information is needed, the Prospective Member, i.e. the organisation that applied for AHP membership, provides the MC with the required documents.
  3. After the MC’s compliance department has completed the background checks and approved the application, the MC updates the register of Members in Mauritius accordingly; the prospective member has become a Member of the AHP.
  4. The AHP Secretariat informs the new Member accordingly, provides the new Member with the membership confirmation letter and requests payment of membership fees (according to the AHP Fees Schedule, and including a discount if applicable) via an invoice with full bank account details of AHP.

Data Protection

Data Protection and Date Protection Rights

The AHP and it’s MC (Management Company, Accuvise Adminstrators Ltd) collect and process all personal data in line with the Data Protection Act 2017 of Mauritius and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

The AHP and its MC are committed to ensuring protection of all personal information that we hold, and to provide and to protect all such data. We recognise our obligations in updating and expanding this program to meet the requirements of GDPR.

We are dedicated to safeguarding the personal information under our control and in maintaining a system that meets our obligations under prevailing laws and regulations.

All of this information provided will be kept securely by AHP and its MC.

As a result of becoming a member of AHP your personal data will be processed in Mauritius. As an entity which offers goods and services into the European Union, where we process personal data of data subjects resident in the Union the GDPR applies to us. Should you require further information please contact the data protection officer.

You are entitled to ask for details of any personal information that we hold. This will be provided as quickly as possible, but in any event, no later than 30 days after receipt of the request. We will not charge for accessing and providing you with the information. At the same time we will remind you of your rights which are to:

  1. Have your data provided in a commonly used electronic format (data portability)
  2. Have inaccuracies corrected
  3. Have information erased where we have no overriding reason to retain the data
  4. Prevent direct marketing
  5. Prevent automated decision-making and profiling.

We are committed to continuously developing appropriate safeguards further to make sure that your personal data is kept secure and confidential, and is protected against reasonably anticipated threats to its security or integrity, and against unauthorised access or use that might result in substantial harm or inconvenience to data subjects.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us.