The AHP Digital Innovation Team

Port Louis (Mauritius) – 6 June 2024

The African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP) is delighted to announce that the AHP Digital Innovation Team is fully operational now.

The energy landscape is undergoing a rapid transformation, driven by the need to address climate change and the increasing demand for clean, affordable energy. Digital innovation is playing a pivotal role in this transition, enabling the integration of renewable energy sources and hydrogen technologies, improving energy efficiency and empowering consumers. Artificial intelligence (AI), digital innovation, renewable energy and hydrogen technologies are key drivers of the transition to a more sustainable future. New technologies are revolutionizing industries, addressing various challenges across sectors and presenting new opportunities.

By harnessing the power of digital technologies, the AHP accelerates the adoption of green and natural hydrogen as well as the creation of more efficient and equitable energy systems in Africa.

Akinade (Akin) Ande (AHP Head of Digital Innovation | CEO and Director at Tekinologi) said,

“In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving world, the mantra ‘innovate or die’ rings truer than ever before. For the AHP team this means standing still is not an option. Our continuous stride on innovative approaches to Africa’s Hydrogen challenges is not only necessary for survival, but also holds the potential for exponential growth on the continent. By embracing a culture of innovation and agility, we can challenge the status quo, and revolutionize the way we create, connect, and collaborate as we make Hydrogen a real reality in Africa, for Africa.”

Sandeep Pathak (Leader AHP Representation in India | Director at Hynexa) remarked,

“We are at a pivotal moment in the energy sector, where digital innovation and advanced technologies like AI are driving unprecedented transformations. As part of the AHP Digital Innovation Team, I am thrilled to collaborate with fellow technical leaders to harness these cutting-edge advancements and accelerate the adoption of hydrogen as a clean energy source. Together, we can unlock new opportunities and achieve impactful results. Digital innovation will be crucial in achieving our goals, fostering economic growth, and advancing sustainable energy solutions on a global scale.”

Ayo Adewuyi (Senior Developer at the AHP | Lead, Digital Products at Tekinologi) explained,

“I am excited to be a part of the AHP Digital Innovation Team, working with seasoned and experienced minds from all around the world to harness the potential of hydrogen for Africa’s future. We will explore the possibilities that digital innovation can provide in achieving our goals at AHP, streamlining internal processes, driving efficiency, collaborating with other technology partners and leaders on driving innovation. We will also explore the benefits of Artificial Intelligence to unlock opportunities for impactful results.”

Dr Innocent Uwuijaren (AHP Director, Chairman of the AHP | Director and Co-Founder of Cheranna Energy) said,

“Reflecting on how AHP has evolved in past years with members now spanning various continents and sectors, digital innovation was very pivotal to our growth, and will be an accelerator for driving the strategic vision of the organization going forward. A special congratulations to the team for the new website launched, giving AHP a new look as we transition to the next phase for tangible and economically feasible projects execution in Africa. I would like to encourage these digital experts that everything is possible if it can be imagined. The Opportunities in Africa for a sustainable hydrogen economy are immeasurable and digital innovation is indispensable for maximizing these potentials. The AHP Board looks forward to working with this dynamic team and providing them necessary support.”

Prof Bamidele Adebisi (AHP Director and AHP University Board Member | Head of Smart Infrastructure and Industry Research (SIIR) Group at Manchester Metropolitan University) emphasized,

“The formation of a dynamic Digital Innovation Team dedicated to driving AHP’s digital transformation is in line with our vision to keep AHP at the forefront of technological innovation.  This team has already made significant strides, most notably with the successful launch of our new website. Their hard work, creativity, and commitment have not only enhanced our online presence but also improved user experience and engagement. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the team for their exceptional efforts and achievements thus far. As we look ahead, we challenge the team to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. We are excited to see what we will achieve next.

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