DevelopmentAid and the African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP) Enter Partnership Agreement

Nicosia (Cyprus), Port Louis (Mauritius) – 6 July 2024

The African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP) is delighted to announce a partnership with DevelopmentAid, a leading provider of tender, grant and donor data.

The African Hydrogen Partnership, the only continent-wide African non-profit association dedicated to the development of green and natural (geologic) hydrogen in Africa, and DevelopmentAid, a leading provider of financial data and information, have entered a partnership agreement which is aimed to support the development of renewable energy and hydrogen projects in Africa.

Mariana Uzun, Head of Strategic Partnership and Donor Relations at DevelopmentAid, said,
“As the Head of Strategic Partnership and Donor Relations Department at DevelopmentAid, I am thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with the African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP). This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey to foster sustainable energy solutions and contribute to the green energy transition across Africa. At DevelopmentAid, we have always been dedicated to connecting organizations, companies, and professionals in the development sector. Our mission is to provide the tools, resources, and information necessary to support impactful projects worldwide. Partnering with AHP aligns perfectly with our vision and values, as it allows us to play a crucial role in advancing the hydrogen economy and promoting renewable energy integration on the African continent.”

Artiom Savastin, Partnership Manager for Strategic Partnerships at DevelopmentAid, remarked,
“DevelopmentAid is excited to announce a strategic partnership with the African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP), aimed at accelerating the adoption and development of hydrogen technologies and infrastructure across the African continent. As part of this partnership, DevelopmentAid is pleased to offer the following exclusive benefits to AHP members:
1.) Free Funding Alerts: AHP members will receive free funding alerts with limited information on tenders and grants. These alerts will be distributed through regular newsletters, providing timely updates on funding opportunities relevant to the hydrogen sector.
2.) Access to Calls4Partners Service: AHP and its members will have the opportunity to utilize DevelopmentAid’s Calls4Partners service. This service facilitates the search for and identification of potential partners for various projects, enhancing collaboration and partnership opportunities within the hydrogen community.
3.) Discounted Subscriptions: DevelopmentAid is offering a 10% discount on any subscription package for AHP members recommended by the organization. This discount applies to any of DevelopmentAid’s subscription packages, providing access to a wealth of resources, information, and networking opportunities.”

Prof Bamidele Adebisi, AHP Director and AHP University Board Member, emphasized,
“The AHP Leadership Team is delighted that DevelopmentAid and the AHP have entered a partnership agreement. Africa requires capital for its renewable energy and hydrogen technology projects. DevelopmentAid’s database is a valuable source for organizations searching for information about tenders, grants and related partnership opportunities. Getting access to the right data is essential for successful projects analysis and budgeting. DevelopmentAid’s data will be very valuable for internal AHP groups and our members.”

Siegfried (Siggi) Huegemann, Secretary General at the AHP, said,
“Though there are not many subsidies available for projects in Africa, the few funding opportunities with special conditions could make a huge difference especially for projects of smaller developers. DevelopmentAid, a leading company in its sector, provides procurement notices and grants issued by over 185 donors and their investment plans, from 850 funding sources, all on one highly searchable database. Easy to apply filters help users to filter by region or other criteria. The system supports the creation of strong consortia by providing sanction lists. I am thrilled that DevelopmentAid and the AHP have formed a partnership agreement.”


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