Clearview Strategic Partners Joins the African Hydrogen Partnership

Anaheim Hills (USA), Port Louis (Mauritius) – 4 Juli 2024

The African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP) is delighted to announce that Clearview Strategic Partners joined the AHP.

Clearview Strategic Partners is dedicated to delivering comprehensive, quantitative analysis and insights into clean energy initiatives across the Global South. The Clearview Strategic Partners team bridges critical knowledge gaps between clean energy financiers, project developers, and key stakeholders through reliable, high-quality research and advanced modeling, with a particular focus on addressing the pronounced disparities in the Global South.

Raj Sawhney, CEO at Clearview Strategic Partners, stated,
Clearview Strategic Partners is committed to advancing sustainable energy solutions and believes that joining the African Hydrogen Partnership represents a pivotal step toward a greener future for the continent. Our collaboration will enable us to apply our advanced modeling and research capabilities to support the development of an efficient and equitable hydrogen economy in Africa. We are particularly enthusiastic about the opportunity to work alongside the AHP’s diverse stakeholders in the region, fostering innovation and growth. Together, we aim to create impactful analysis and discussion that will not only drive economic development but also significantly reduce carbon emissions, positioning Africa as a global leader in the hydrogen sector.

Ron R. Chevalier, Leader of the AHP’s Representation in the U.S., said,
“We are thrilled to welcome Clearview Strategic Partners into the African Hydrogen Partnership. Clearview’s unwavering dedication to sustainable energy and their cutting-edge research capabilities will be pivotal in our joint efforts to build a resilient and efficient green hydrogen ecosystem across Africa. This partnership exemplifies the power of global collaboration in addressing the pressing energy challenges of our time. Together, we aim to drive groundbreaking innovations in green hydrogen and renewable energy, foster substantial economic growth, and make significant strides in reducing carbon emissions. By combining our strengths, we can position Africa at the forefront of the global green hydrogen revolution, setting new benchmarks for sustainability and technological excellence.”

Dr Innocent Uwuijaren, AHP Chairman, stated,
“In contrast to the Global North where large amounts of subsidies for the development of new technologies can be made available, African governments or public bodies do not have the financial means to make huge risky investments in innovative technologies. African countries need to carefully consider financial risks which could have a devastating impact on the smaller state budgets. Sophisticated techno-economic models could help to make informed decisions about the allocation of scarce resources, identify and prioritize the most promising sector and regions for investments in hydrogen technologies, evaluate the potential benefits and costs of different hydrogen policy options and develop strategies to promote economic growth. Techno-commercial models support the investment decision process of private companies. Clearview Strategic Partners modeling expertise and quantitative analysis capabilities are a great addition to the variety of skills of the AHP member organizations. I am delighted that Clearview Strategic Partners has become a member of the AHP and I am confident that the cooperation with Raj Sawhney and his team will be very beneficial for the AHP and its members as well as for the development of the hydrogen sector in Africa.”

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