Renewable hydrogen is a clean and versatile energy carrier that has the potential to play a major role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning to a sustainable energy future in Africa. Africa’s economies are growing and many regions in Africa have a strong potential for producing low-cost renewable hydrogen on site for expanding industries where hydrogen is an unavoidable necessity. 

The U.S. is dedicated to the development of green and natural hydrogen technologies and markets and it has the capacities and capabilities to support the development of hydrogen markets in Africa. A close cooperation between North America and the African continent is essential for expediting commercially viable hydrogen related developments in Africa.

Mr. Ron R. Chevalier, an experienced energy industry veteran, leads the AHP representation in the U.S.


The  potential  for  generating  low-cost  renewable  energy  and  green  hydrogen  provides  the Indian  ocean  region  with  a  strong  competitive  advantage.  A  close  cooperation  between Africa  and  India  will  be  essential  for  turning  the  advantages  into  commercial  opportunities and expediting  the  decarbonization  of  several  hard-to-abate  sectors in  the  Indian  Ocean region,  including  Africa,  the  Middle  East,  India  and  South  East  Asia  and  Australia. 

As  we  embark  on  the  green  and  natural  hydrogen  transformative  journey,  it  is  crucial  to  acknowledge  the  historic,  cultural,  and  economic  ties  that  have  long  bound  Africa  and  India together.  Africa  and  India  have  a  shared  history  of  trade,  cultural  exchange,  and  cooperation  that spans  centuries.  Today,  we  stand  united,  not  only  by  our  past,  but  also  by  our  common commitment  to  shaping  a  greener,  more  prosperous  future.

The AHP representation is led by Mr. Sandeep Pathak who also oversees the AI, machine learning and big data capabilities of the AHP.